Designing a website mock-up

For this first excursion into web design, I used photoshop to create a mock-up for a non-profit Syracuse-area organization which provides services to families dealing with autism.

The original website can be found here. Seeing a lot of room for improvement and some clear goals for the organization, I sat down to sketch.

¬†As you may be able to tell, it’s not quite as easy to physically map out a website. After all, it has multiple pages and interactivity. Another issue is actually coming up with the content. Having some inspiration from the original website, I settled on approaching the site with puzzle pieces, which proved to guide the design.

They became the basis for navigation across the site, and even became a graphical element on the home page to give some variance from the images of the other pages.

Finding a strong, recognizable graphic might be my favorite part of design, especially now that I can use Illustrator with success.

Here’s the final product, which you can peruse in order to gain some sense of the interactivity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to introduce the design into html, but hey – goals for the future, right?


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