Forging ahead with new technology: an iPad Mag

Our final GRA617 project was really neat. We got to use some brand spankin’ new technology to create an iPad magazine article. Our class had some fun with this, since the articles may actually be published in a comprehensive magazine through iTunes. I’ll be sure to share if that happens.

Anyway, we decided to name our “magazine” Control Z, in reference to the loved and constantly used “edit-undo” that Steve Jobs bestowed upon graphic designers everywhere.

I’m limited with how to share the interactivity of the magazine at this point, and I also haven’t had returned supplementary materials like sketches, etc. but I will give you a glimpse nonetheless.

Photoshop puts the magazine together, but I used Illustrator on the front page graphic.

We designed vertical and horizontal pages. The feature with a black background at the bottom of the page is a swipe-function alternate story form, meaning that on an iPad, you’d be able to swipe through a bunch of “Tips” on the science of cooking.

The content of this article is borrowed from Smithsonian magazine. The images are taken by Ryan Matthew Smith, for the Modernist Cookbook which is mentioned in the article. The alternate story form is made up of common-knowledge tips I picked up off the Internet and paraphrased for the purposes of this assignment.

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