The Thanksgiving Mass Text

This morning, I woke up to a message from my friend Jordan, hailing me with appreciation for our somewhat newly-blossomed friendship. She started off my day with a virtual hug. It was a genuine approbation, and she wouldn’t have been able to deliver it without our cell phones.

Periodically throughout the day, I was hit up by some expected and unanticipated messages of thanksgiving. Some very simple and broad; some very complex and personalized.

Most of them were from college friends. I got a message from a friend who is the pacesetter for the holiday mass text. One spirited message came from a newer friend at grad school, another similar one from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in a while. Someone even managed to incorporate ‘bungholes’ into his text. He’s a funny guy.

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving, like most holidays, is all about consumerism (But hey, I’m tired of beating this into the ground. And I’m tired in general – but not because of the tryptophan in Turkey! One of my friends knew me better and told me to enjoy the veggies – via text) Thanksgiving is actually the one day of the year during which we actually pause and conscientiously consume our food, which I really appreciate. And maybe it’s a day of the year during which we pause and deliberately use our technology, too.

I can’t say I’m so bothered by the fact that Facebook is lit up with Thanksgiving mentions and the most popular hashtag on Twitter is #HappyThanksgiving. Esquire carved a turkey on Twitter (hashtag: #TwitterCarving), and the New York Times’ Nick Kristoff wrote a lovely article about humans beings getting nicer.

Who says the media – mass or personal – are so bad? Today, when I couldn’t really wrap my arms around all of the people I am so very thankful for, I was thankful for another option. And it didn’t even feel disingenuous.


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