Political Reporting in New Hampshire

This is a series of clips from my time in New Hampshire in January 2012, reporting on the primary with the news outlet Democracywise. The site is a project of Charlotte Grimes, my supervisor for the Robin Toner Program, my professor for Political Reporting, and my role model for journalism and in life.

Most of my clips were also published in conjunction with professional, reputable newspapers, Syracuse’s Post-Standard and Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle. Please see links and descriptions below.

Clockwise from left: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul, the front running GOP candidates in New Hampshire, minus Rick Perry. (Photos: Julie McMahon)

Rochester native Brian Miller: Former area resident learning new political game in New Hampshire

Miller talks New Hampshire, politics and the weather. For more coverage of Rochester transplants, living in New Hampshire, check another one of my full stories on Democracywise.

Primary Day: New Hampshire residents cast their votes

Vignettes from voters in Concord, N.H. who showed up to the polls on Jan. 10 and chatted with me about their votes and their roles in democracy.

State Sen. Luther: Syracuse University Grad in the thick of New Hampshire primary politics

Jim Luther, of Hollis, N.H. speaks with me about his political views, why he endorsed Rick Santorum and how Syracuse played a part in his life.

Primary Atmosphere: New Hampshire folks love it when the presidential candidates come to town

A visit to Newport, N.H. led to me to many fascinating people whose tiny village quickly morphs into a political arena during the presidential primary.

Live Tweeting: @JMcMahonPS

Live tweets from New Hampshire on Jan. 10, the day of the primary

Updating live from ABC News debate at St. Anselm

In the spirit of the Facebook-sponsored 2nd debate, I kept up with the conversation online

More on New Hampshire

If you’re more interested in hearing about my experience in New Hampshire, professor Chirsty Perry interviewed me for an article appearing on the Newhouse website. She also quotes Grimes:

 “This is real-life experience for students, doing journalism’s most important work – reporting on the electoral process and the people who want to hold elected office.”

Also, read my blog post on all of the wonderful things that I learned in New Hampshire and leave comments so I can tell you more!


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