Special project: Search engine optimization analysis

A general feel for our suggested site structure

Last semester, as part of a course, “Applied Research in Content Management” I was the team leader of a group of Newhouse students. Our goal was to optimize the website of the non-profit organization Hopeprint. Our proposed changes haven’t been implemented by Hopeprint yet, but the proposal itself was a huge, collaborative undertaking that I’m really proud of.

"Table of Contents" for the proposal

I was very lucky to manage a group of talented Newhouse students. Being here among excellent educators and students of this field makes me really hopeful about what “the best and the brightest” can do together. I don’t say things like that lightly, either. It was genuinely a pleasure completing this project.

And I got to show off my design chops by putting the whole package together (though Andrew Hida has to be thanked for his help with that).

Of course, this encourages my brother to solicit my newly gained expertise for his own website redesign — not complete yet, but in the works — and I don’t mind that either.

Here, we break down some of the sections of the site into smaller portions, directed toward specific outcomes.

Check this link out to see the whole thing: Hopeprint Proposal.

And be sure to check out my teammates:

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