Twenty What

Twenty What was the culmination of my master’s degree. The iPad magazine, a launch issue of a “young woman’s guide to defining her decade” was a capstone experience conceived, produced and designed by a bunch of graduate students studying magazine, newspaper and online journalism at one of the best J-schools in the country.

The entire publication is available for download in the AppStore, as part of the “Best of Newhouse” app, but I thought it’d be too much of a shame not to share with those of us (myself included) who don’t have access to iPads. Selfishly, I’ve only snagged the articles I played a role in writing or editing for inclusion on my site, but I promise you the iPad experience is worth it if you have access. My class is a bright bunch, with lots of writing, editing, photographing, video-ing and designing acumen. Many, many of them played a huge part in making my pieces come together. I try to give props where each are due in the individual posts here.

Equally as vital to the process were the fantastic sources who gave me the scoop on topics like personal finance, living arrangements, health care, the future, economics, politics and good old-fashioned bartering. All of these creative and intelligent people were so much fun to chat with, and I hope they are as excited to see the final product as I am.



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