Have an Eye on the Sparrow

This post is really dedicated to the rest of the people who made the Twenty What cover story happen: namely our leading lady, Arleigh Kincheloe, the dirty birds, who are truly a band of gentleman, and Erin Elzo, who plugged away at writing this story.

But to hear a bit about how this came together, check out below.

The most valuable and hardest lesson I learned from my capstone project was how to pitch a story. After weeks of brainstorming, our magazine had no definite cover story, but instead a better picture of who the woman was we wanted reading it — and what kind of image we wanted to project. It eventually occurred to me that the answer to this puzzle was actually very close to home. One of my favorite high school teachers’ kids had formed a band that was enjoying some very hard-earned success, and my friends and I were happily following along. And we were loving the music. Arleigh Kincheloe is a powerhouse. She’s irresistible, and as soon as a friend and I saw Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds live, we were quickly won over by the rest of the band’s raw talent.

So when our class convened to once again consider the fate of the cover, this was the easiest sell that I made for a story in the whole time that we worked on the project. All I had to do was call up a YouTube video and let Sister Sparrow’s song do all of the talking for me. Everyone in the class was all ears, and by the time Erin, fellow classmate Veronica Magan (whose photography you’ll see in the live shots in this spread) and I went to a concert in nearby Clinton, N.Y. the next day, the decision was already made. I won’t write anymore because, well, Erin already wrote it, wonderfully. Enjoy!

*This story originally appeared in the Twenty What iPad magazine, which you can download for free through “Best of Newhouse” app, if you have one. For those without, myself included, this is the highest quality I’m able to muster for now. If you want the raw files for your own reading pleasure, feel free to download them directly off this site, or send me an email at jmcmahon20@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!


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