Politics in the City

The nation’s capital attracts young women with civic ambitions.

By the time I interviewed political rockstars and tenderfoots including Jessica Grounds, Margie Omero, and Tomi Ogundimu and Kate Christensen for this story, I was nearly convinced to move to DC — and switch over to the ‘dark side’ to start analyzing and proselytizing instead of reporting on those who do. Really, these women are all kicking ass in their own right. With any luck, they’ll continue to inspire some other young women to get involved in politics.

*This story originally appeared in the Twenty What iPad magazine, which you can download for free through “Best of Newhouse” app, if you have one. For those without, myself included, this is the highest quality I’m able to muster for now. If you want the raw files for your own reading pleasure, feel free to download them directly off this site, or send me an email at jmcmahon20@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

And, a very big thanks to Mike Elliott, Elizabeth Carey and Tara Donaldson for their help and reporting contributions for this!


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