Personalized finance

Finance was never a subject I found myself particularly drawn to. In fact, I have avoided learning about it all costs, both in my education and personal life. I’m lucky enough to have a bookkeeping parent, who helps make sure my credit is sound, but otherwise I’ll admit that my understanding of personal finance has been rudimentary, or at best, common-sense.

That’s why this was one of my very favorite articles to report and write for Twenty What. I learned a lot of what I need to be thinking about when it comes to my own ‘financial future,’ and I also felt like this article could really have some reach to others who might be in a similar situation. As I get a fresh start in the real world, with a first job of my own, I’m really happy to say that I know what I’m getting into with a 401k and I drew out a budget before I started my new apartment search.

An added benefit I gained by writing this piece was that understanding this fundamental, personal-level stuff has actually helped me to understand bigger economic concepts better. When I started my internship this summer at The American Lawyer, one of my first assignments was to report on the LIBOR scandal and a settlement involving Barclays Bank. I quickly found myself having to understand how a major international bank’s actions affected the average person. Now, if only the average person was forced to write article like these, or at least read them!

*This story originally appeared in the Twenty What iPad magazine, which you can download for free through “Best of Newhouse” app, if you have one. For those without, myself included, this is the highest quality I’m able to muster for now. If you want the raw files for your own reading pleasure, feel free to download them directly off this site, or send me an email at Thanks for reading!


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