Catskill Mountain Railroad to keep on chugging, judge rules

Work Train heads west to PhoeniciaRead the full article at The Watershed Post.

There is still no end in sight to a long-festering dispute over the future of Ulster County’s rail corridor. But for now, the Catskill Mountain Railroad has won a couple of hard-fought victories.

In a ruling on Wednesday, Nov. 6, a judge granted the Catskill Mountain Railroad (CMRR) a reprieve from a threat of eviction by Ulster County, which owns the tracks the railroad rolls on.

The same week, the CMRR alerted local media that its volunteer workforce had restored train service to Phoenicia, two years after a portion of the track was destroyed by Tropical Storm Irene.

The much-anticipated court ruling, issued by state Supreme Court judge Richard Mott, will allow the railroad to keep operating under the terms of its 25-year lease from the county, which is up in May 2016. Mott also ordered the CMRR to pay the county a $75,000 surety bond by Nov. 29, as a kind of security deposit to ensure funds are available to perform any unfilled maintenance and repair obligations at the end of the lease term.

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One thought on “Catskill Mountain Railroad to keep on chugging, judge rules

  1. Very good article, my thought is what would Ulster Co. do if it went to be a trail? Who would pay the up keep on the trail and who would maintain it? I think a compromise is in order.

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